Out Of Touch

Even though marketing strategies are to get people to connect with you as a business, most business have the assumption that the user will contact them on a form or email address. Businesses then decide to only add a contact form in a contact us page and forget to give finer contact details about their company. This is bad netiquette on the inter – web as many businesses don’t even share their physical address and most users will leave the site because the company will become untrusted. Tips and suggestions on a more informed website for web communication. People need to contact you by numerous means, telephone, email and postal address. Adding all the information creates a better presence of your company on the internet. Make sure that the contact us page has all the correct detail of company information. This allows users to trust this site and may continue to look further into business. Understand we are living in a social revolution. Social media has exploded over the last few years making contact easier. Creating a Facebook page, twitter account etc.…; display your accurate contact details on these pages, directing the users to your website via these pages, are a vital asset to market your company on the internet