Cognitive Concepts

What We Offer

  • Consulting on IT projects or IT Strategies
  • Custom Software Solution Development
  • Training On Microsoft(TM) Products
  • Off-the-shelf Products

We Have Strong Background

Cognitive Concepts have almost 20 years experience in the IT industry. We have done projects for small businesses to big corporate companies. In 2007 we expanded and refocused our efforts to assist our customer in embracing the ever changing world of computer technology.

We Use Latest Technologies

In a competitive market, what distinguishes you from your nearest competitor? Is it your customer service, your prices, your products? One thing companies tend to forget, and which is the easiest and quickest way to get the leg up on your competitors, is how you use technology to provide better service, value added services and increased productivity. With over 58 Million iPads sold in 2012 are you geared up for the future?

We Are Extremely Flexible

We will always ensure that there is a return on your software investment and will help you measure your investment return. Android, iOS, Windows, Internet? We provide solutions that will fit any platform you want to use. We even go as far as to provide the same solution on multiple platforms.

We Will Support You

We sometimes forget that the pre-teen of today will be our customer in the future. The way you do business must evolve like your customer evolves. We tend to think "that we've been doing business this way for years, why change"? More and more it will become imperative that you change with your customer and grow as their needs grow

Our Team

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Riaan Lochner - Commander in Chief

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Morne Lochner - Money Bag Chief

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Guy Billman - Spilly-G