In todays world you need software solutions that gives you the advantage when it comes to busiess. What you imagine must be possible.


We take your imagination and turn it into feasibility.


Creation is the key to adaptation. From idea to implementation we make sure your vision becomes reality

Why Choose Us?

Cognitive Concepts have almost 20 years experience in the IT industry. We have done projects for small businesses to big corporate companies. In 2007 we expanded and refocused our efforts to assist our customer in embracing the ever changing world of computer technology.
We sometimes forget that the pre-teen of today will be our customer in the future. The way you do business must evolve like your customer evolves. We tend to think "that we've been doing business this way for years, why change"? More and more it will become imperative that you change with your customer and grow as their needs grow
In a competitive market, what distinguishes you from your nearest competitor? Is it your customer service, your prices, your products? One thing companies tend to forget, and which is the easiest and quickest way to get the leg up on your competitors, is how you use technology to provide better service, value added services and increased productivity. With over 58 Million iPads sold in 2012 are you geared up for the future?
We will always ensure that there is a return on your software investment and will help you measure your investment return. Android, iOS, Windows, Internet? We provide solutions that will fit any platform you want to use. We even go as far as to provide the same solution on multiple platforms.

Our Products

Abillity Quote System


Abillity is a comprehensive Bill of Quantity, quote management, purchase order and asset tracking system. In addition to managing your tender process it also has a comprehensive adjudication function that will allow you automatically compare and adjudicate quotations Tracking of assets per site is done automatically when orders are placed and/or delivery notes received

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Accomplish Process & Task Management


Accomplish is a project management and task -tracking tool that automates and simplifies project management. Accomplish ensures that all similar projects follow a predefined process, yet is still flexible enough to cater for the unique challenges of individual projects. It creates a collaborative environment that facilitates information- sharing amongst organisational departments, and ensures that there are no unexpected surprises on any projects.

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Buzconnexion Quote Management


Buzconnexion enables you to improve control of customers relations and supply chain management by simplifying the time consuming processes encountered in everyday business. It also allow you to market your products and services to protential new customer and provides a portal for your suppliers to supply you with the information and pricing you need to run a successful business.

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Time Tracking & Attendance


Clocking and productivity analysis for your payroll. Analyse your clocking data and produce management information directly from the source. Identify and track your payroll costs with standard reports. Customise your monthly report and allow them to be generated automatically or on demand

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Help Desk


Cloud based service desk software. Log support calls and track progress on outstanding call. Track time and produce timesheets and invoices with easy

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Recurring Billing System

Billing Xpress

Billing Xpress allows you to incorporate goods and services as well as recurring based revenue streams - all into the same contract. Each of these require different pricing structures, billing structures and renewal terms.

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MIS & Dashboards


Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems for desktops, Web and Mobile. Creating insightful and information rich decision support systems for executives and business users across platforms and devices is a simple matter of selecting the appropriate UI element (Chart, Pivot Table, Data Card, Gauge, Map or Grid) and dropping data fields onto corresponding arguments, values, and series. And because Insight Dashboard automatically provides the best data visualization option for you, results are immediate, accurate and always relevant.

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